Tuesday, 26 April 2011

LEAD has been lead in the best way it could have been!

The most awaited LEAD sessions have taken off in a big way. The last weekend sessions on 23rd and 24th were an omen for what is to come for Inspiration Unlimited - A big bang. The entire team of participants were really enthusiastic and strong to take the sessions deep into them.

They have been a boon to the dreams of every participant and not a set of sessions which just turn out to be theory. Lot of action has been the result of these two days. They have been sessions which have been able to provide a common ground for everyone's different desires and dreams.

The sessions tuned in well with the fact that - People are different and all dreams must have a place in this world.

Everybody was gifted a set of cards - with the world's most powerful and impactive quotes. The trainer at the session Sujit Lalwani has done a phenomenal job as well.

Welcoming the comments of all the participants to put in their reviews - as to what they have taken from here.