Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mr. Ashish Vaidya extends hands to Inspiration Unlimited.

Mr Ashish Vaidya extends hands to Inspiration unlimited as a writer and an active supporter. He talks at the Inspiration Unlimited Launch event and sets the stage on fire.

He made a very strong point to the audience about not considering surrendering to someone as a defeat, at least not when you are being lead and mentored by someone.

His talk attracted huge applauds from all and a strong message was hence taken by the audience.

He is a tech star, with extremely strong technical abilities, besides which he is also a real HERO and an inspiration in himself, owing to his actions and deeds.

We wish him all the progress in all that he does.

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The launch of the Astrix Inc at the Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine Launch event

A C language training company that featured it's launch at the Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine launch! Started by 5 Engineering students. This venture is expected to do good.

IU takes pride in providing a platform for their growth and congratulates them for their efforts and looks forward to see them as a growing enterprise.

We are glad to let you know that within a month their facebook page has about 1000+ likes.

Support their page whether you are C fan or not:

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Women Empowerment talk By BHARATH JN

“The test for whether or not you can hold a position should not be the arrangement of your chromosomes”, says Bella Abzug. Woman is the most wonderful creation of god, who plays many vital roles; the role of a mother, a sister, a daughter & a friend as well. An epitome of patience and love, she is a boon to the society. She is also a manager who takes care of the needs of every single person in her family and the society.  But sometimes she and her talents are concealed from this huge world like a pearl in the ocean. They are concealed of fears, suppressed by odds, wrapped by constraints & blinded by few. 

Mr. Bharath JN, the marketing specialist at Inspiration Unlimited, handles a women empowerment talk in the outskirts of Bangalore for the age group of 20-60. This young Indian of 23, marched forward with a hope to create a difference, to inspire, to make them stronger and to raise a ray of hope and develop optimism to step out of the limits to live their dreams.

More than 500 women lend their ears for more than 3 hours, amazed with his mistle words and moral stories. The talk highlighted the roles and responsibilities of a woman in the society and concluded on a strong note ,'one need not be necessarily literate to hold a position and train kids, the requirement is just to practice what you preach...the right values, ethics and morals.

IU salutes Mr Bharath JN for his commendable work for the upliftment of women in the society

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Inspiration Unlimited - 20-11 - 20-11 Launch of Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine!

The 20th day of the 11th month of the year 2011 is a very special date said the astrologers across the world. It was not just special but a fantabulous day for Inspiration Unlimited.

The event commenced with a stunningly marvelous talk by Er Sujit Lalwani, Founder and Chairman of Inspiration Unlimited, who inspired 400 souls from more than 20 colleges to not just build their dreams but to envision and achieve them all.

The mega talk was followed by the introduction of two budding authors from 9th standard Aparna and Ananya, to the world. These kids were a part of leadership club conducted at KLE international school by Ms.Basanthi Vaishnav, an IU representative and Debate club head, Bangalore (India). When these kids struggled to portray their talents to the world, IU gave them a platform of recognition, saluting their indomitable spirit and talent.

Astrix Inc., a company formed by 6 students from Brindavan College under the guidance of Bharath JN, an IU representative, was showcased to the world. A start up, spreading the knowledge and helping the fellow students to learn C language not only its syntax but even the hard and core logic; to make everyone get the culture of writing C programs with Beta efficiency.

The most awaited e-magazine with more than 250+ subscribers from 18 countries, a to be sensation, Inspiration unlimited; The 'No Gossips, All positive' e-Magazine was successfully launched. The first ever All Positive Newsletter that keeps you extremely informed and inspired. "Inspiration through information”.

The day indeed shaped up the lives of many and triggered others to achieve their dreams. Many inspired, many mindsets changed, the right seeds of values, ethics and morals were sown. There is not even an inch of doubt that in the coming years there will success stories lined up to inspire more and to bring in more leaders, who will be capable of creating more leaders and make the world a better place to live in.

Hats off to The Inspiration Unlimited and the founder His highness Er. Sujit Lalwani for creating such an amazing platform to the people and helping them follow their heart and dreams without fear by providing mentorship.

The revolution begins!!!

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