Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Brain Storming session for MCA students. (Visit www.iuindia.com for more details)

By Preethi Kashyap, Bangalore.
I have heard from many, that to inspire people, indeed takes a lot of time. You need to have years of experience and so on. But my recent experience proved those claims, wrong.

IU invited it’s Lead speaker for the talk for MCA students-Sujit Lalwani. We all were waiting for the speaker’s arrival & all our eyes, were at the door, impatiently waiting for the master’s entry. A mild sound of foot steps, increased our heart beats. “Hello all” was the voice that pierced the silence and got us instantly back, to high energy levels. A charming face with a birght smile, in a white suit, surrounded with the most positive vibrations. Eyes searched and stopped at the voice, we could see the man himself, his highness Sujit Lalwani.

As he moved on with his talk, we could see each individuals coming to the edge of their seats, getting inspired with the knowledge that he holds.A lot was learnt from the talk and a gist of it has been best captured in this write up.

A large bunch of people with advices is easy to find, but when it comes to acting on what they advice for, is something that seldom happens. What was something that deeply impacted most was, “Purpose is more important than the name to which the credit is addressed. Be honest in what you do, credit shall forever follow.”

The next strong learning was: Just interest doesn’t help one achieve his goals. One has to be extremely interested. Interest changes according to the situation, So don’t just be interested.

It is important to voice out and speak, and to speak positive. Shout out your name and say the world who you are. People have got habituated to listening to negatives, that they have turned deaf towards anything positive spoken. So, speak loud!

Well, if you just scroll up, I mentioned that, to inspire you need a lot of time. But all these and more happened in a matter of just 40minutes. Conveying best of the lessons, in least of the time  is the best part about his talks. He is inspiring millions. Let’s start with one!

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