Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sujit Lalwani in Russia at VISIT RUSSIA(International Tourism Forum(May 25-26, 2012))

Sujit Lalwani, the founder of Inspiration Unlimited was invited to Russia to the Yaroslavl Region, to address the International Tourism Forum conducted on May 25-26, 2012 to help develop the tourism of Yaroslavl region in Russia.

He received the invite from the plenipotentiary of president of Russia & was also selected amongst the 20 to join for the elite breakfast with the governor of that region.

The experience as he shared was indeed fantastic & informative. He networked with the elites from all around the world who threw light from their respective backgrounds on tourism. People from all backgrounds were invited by the Moscow Speakers Bureau to participate in the Forum.

It indeed brought the best of the world to contribute. The initiative of Russia to seek help from experts from world over was indeed appreciated. Since this was being conducted just the second time, there is still scope for growth to make forum yield better results and output. But as such, it was still able to deliver quality networking platform for all who were present. Insights into developments of Tourism in Russia and ways to do it was indeed fruitful. (Source:

The meeting with the governor was an experience of high profile meet with delegates from over 15 countries. The toursim flow to Yaroslavl region was the main agenda. While the historic importance of the place is really high, what needs a huge focus is the tourist inflow to the area. The lack of infrastructure, lack of proper transport facilities, lack of english speaking people, lack of quality places to dine were few main issues which are being addressed.

There is hope with forums like this happening frequently, that the tourism would rise in that region. While the place is a true testimony to Natural beauty and feast to eyes and indeed fosters serenity in every corner of itself, the flaws are eventually leading to people not preferring to travel down to this place. We believe the government will take quick & strong steps to make right happen.

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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Second Successful Year of Ho-LEAD-As at IU.

The Second Successful Leadership camp of IU for Summer Holidays for School kids in Bangalore was a great Super hit exclusively for 20 students of KLE. The brand is developing good.

It's able to create an impact. It's grown from 7 students in it's first year in 2011 to 20 students in 2012. This time the camp was conducted for 10 graders of KLE International School exclusively.

We plan to bring this out of the world camp much bigger and better in the next winter. For a camp for your school kids or your kids' school. Contact us! | Subject: Ho-LEAD-As.

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