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LEAD - Leadership Empowerment And Development Programme

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Summer Camp for kids from 5th to 10th Graders! - Ho-LEAD-As!

This summer for the kids it would not be summer holidays, it would be summer Ho-LEAD-As. An out of the box summer camp.

At Inspiration Unlimited we have always believed in helping students inculcate leadership, better perceptions, values, socializing skills, fearlessness, self-leadership & discipline & a voice of their own – a demand of every parent & every nation. Continuing this vision we launch an Out of the Box Summer Camp –

       Empowerment - Developing the intellect of the students & helping them rise to better perception levels for better judgement & decision making.

       Mind power - Developing Creative & Lateral thinking.

       People skills - Helping students enhance their understanding of people through group discussions, & help them be able to reflect that “different people have different perceptions.”

       Comprehension power & Spontaneity - Helping students acquire the ability of comprehending videos, reading material & audios to derive & extract required stuff out of them & relate to their daily lives.

       Skills Development – Training Games & activities everyday to serve above objectives like outspokenness, extrovert nature, emotional intelligence & more…

       Home Décor Art An out of the box art that promises to teach Ashtaganesha – An out of the box innovative art worth learning & once in a lifetime creation.

       This camp will include an out of the box Project idea –
An out of the box project to encourage the habit of learning about the neighborhood, which would go a long way in helping the kid build a mini diverse social network in his own neighborhood & an understanding of his neighborhood for his day-to-day life. This step is in response to innumerous complaints of parents, that their kids do not mingle much with the neighbors and the similar complaints about the neighbors, who are less interested to interact with the people in the same street. Why not we initiate a project where we spend a weekend to know our own neighborhood! Watch out your kid as he interacts with this neighborhood and startles you with the statistics. We bet you wouldn’t know about your neighborhood as much your kid would very soon.

        V1- A documentary of interview of a science legend, followed by a brainstorming session of lessons and perceptions. A mind-boggling discussion to take an insight into every lesson & derive very strong positive lessons for one’s life.
        V2 – Movie to project the scope of Internet & current status of INTERNET, to lay a firm foundation on a hope for scope of achieving breakthroughs for forthcoming generation.
        V3 – An intriguing journey into MEDIEVAL TIME CREATIONS which last even today, to instill attitudes of being able  to appreciate “TIME, Continuity & CHANGE”.
        V4, V5 – To take them through a journey of out of the world technologies and engineering creations to inspire them to take science & technology as passion not as a fashion.
        V6, V7 – EXPLORING NATURE & UNIVERSE - To instill the perceptions of deriving deep studies from the environment around, and be able to reflect it deeply. E.g: study of ants & behavior.

Together these videos will do a phenomenal job of instilling a strong inquisitive nature in kids & help them develop keen interest in observation & derivation from things around.

·         Training Activities & Games
Through the training activities & games – development of  creative & lateral thinking shall be achieved along with instilling leadership, team spirit, reflecting abilities, perception growth, breaking the inhibiting mindsets which stop an individual’s growth which are taken over from the surroundings.

      Materials provided & ECONOMICs:
The following material for Home décor sessions shall be provided.
       2 packets M-seal per student, Beetle nuts, Paint, Tissue (cloth type), Other necessary accessories. Few accessories will have to brought from home, Which would be informed during the camp.

·         Date & Timing: Would be announced!

e-Mail: iu.inspirationunlimited@gmail.com

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Upcoming Events! LEAD - Leadership Empowerment And Development Programme!

Take a LEAP with LEAD-Leadership Empowerment And Development Programme!
An "Out of the Box Programme to Bring YOU Out of the BOX!"

OBJECTIVE: This programme is going to consist of 4+1 Board Room Sessions/Workshops which would encompass various topics ranging from Self Branding, Leadership, Empowerment, Success Principles, Life Educaiton, Marketing, e-Marketing, Real-time Networking & Lots more.

Layout: The sessions have been spread over 3 weekends on the following dates:

Timing: 2pm - 8pm on all days with the break up as follows:
Max. 20 people would be entertained for the session. To closely mould the 20 individuals into leaders.

Speaker: Sujit Lalwani, for all sessions. We look forward to helping you avail a great experience & help you a take a real leap in life.

Bharath J N: 96201 59757 ; bharathjn.iu@gmail.com
Bharath GC: 78294 14616 ; bharathgc.iu@gmail.com
e-Mail: iu.inspirationunlimited@gmail.com

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Welcome to IU News!

The Inspiration Unlimited Firm was founded on 23rd April 2009. We are overwhelmed to launch the Inspiration Unlimited News Blog, as we come close to completing 1 year of successful journey, filled with growth, accomplishments & visions, having undertaken various projects like:

*Inspiring Minds sessions at KLE International School, Bangalore.
*Inspirational Talks at various institutes listed below.
  • BMS College Of Engineering.
  • NITK Suratkal.
  • Kathmandu Nepal (5 Institutes put together)
  • How to Live Happy Married Life for over 50 couples from age group 30-50.
  • KLE Law College, Bangalore.
  • KLE Hotel Management College.
  • KLE International School, Bangalore.
  • Sheshadripuram School, Bangalore.
  • St. Theresa Girls School, Bangalore.
  • St. Josephs Boys School, Bangalore.
  • ASM College, Bellary.
  • VVCE College, Mysore.
  • VVN College, Bangalore.
  • Sheshadripuram PU College, Yelahanka, Bangalore.
  • Huvina Hadagli College, Huvinahadagli Village.
  • & Many other talks.
*Training for 120 Teachers at St. Theresa School.
*Leadership Club Warmup Sessions KLE International School.
*Ho-LEAD-As - Summer Camp for School Kids.
*LEAD - 4+1 Board Room Sessions for Personal Empowerment, All Round LEAP in Career & Life.

We are glad to have undertaken these projects. We realise our ability in delivering quality sessions in Creative Thinking & Memory Techniques, Instilling Leadership & Character in High School Kids, Business Excellence Workshops, Self Empowerment Lessons & various other areas.

We look forward to inspiring more & more people around the globe and casting an impression that would leave them with Unlimited Inspiration. So, when they look back they can proudly exclaim "Inspiration Unlimited!".

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