Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Women Empowerment talk By BHARATH JN

“The test for whether or not you can hold a position should not be the arrangement of your chromosomes”, says Bella Abzug. Woman is the most wonderful creation of god, who plays many vital roles; the role of a mother, a sister, a daughter & a friend as well. An epitome of patience and love, she is a boon to the society. She is also a manager who takes care of the needs of every single person in her family and the society.  But sometimes she and her talents are concealed from this huge world like a pearl in the ocean. They are concealed of fears, suppressed by odds, wrapped by constraints & blinded by few. 

Mr. Bharath JN, the marketing specialist at Inspiration Unlimited, handles a women empowerment talk in the outskirts of Bangalore for the age group of 20-60. This young Indian of 23, marched forward with a hope to create a difference, to inspire, to make them stronger and to raise a ray of hope and develop optimism to step out of the limits to live their dreams.

More than 500 women lend their ears for more than 3 hours, amazed with his mistle words and moral stories. The talk highlighted the roles and responsibilities of a woman in the society and concluded on a strong note ,'one need not be necessarily literate to hold a position and train kids, the requirement is just to practice what you preach...the right values, ethics and morals.

IU salutes Mr Bharath JN for his commendable work for the upliftment of women in the society

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