Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Upcoming Events! LEAD - Leadership Empowerment And Development Programme!

Take a LEAP with LEAD-Leadership Empowerment And Development Programme!
An "Out of the Box Programme to Bring YOU Out of the BOX!"

OBJECTIVE: This programme is going to consist of 4+1 Board Room Sessions/Workshops which would encompass various topics ranging from Self Branding, Leadership, Empowerment, Success Principles, Life Educaiton, Marketing, e-Marketing, Real-time Networking & Lots more.

Layout: The sessions have been spread over 3 weekends on the following dates:

Timing: 2pm - 8pm on all days with the break up as follows:
Max. 20 people would be entertained for the session. To closely mould the 20 individuals into leaders.

Speaker: Sujit Lalwani, for all sessions. We look forward to helping you avail a great experience & help you a take a real leap in life.

Bharath J N: 96201 59757 ; bharathjn.iu@gmail.com
Bharath GC: 78294 14616 ; bharathgc.iu@gmail.com
e-Mail: iu.inspirationunlimited@gmail.com

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