Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Welcome to IU News!

The Inspiration Unlimited Firm was founded on 23rd April 2009. We are overwhelmed to launch the Inspiration Unlimited News Blog, as we come close to completing 1 year of successful journey, filled with growth, accomplishments & visions, having undertaken various projects like:

*Inspiring Minds sessions at KLE International School, Bangalore.
*Inspirational Talks at various institutes listed below.
  • BMS College Of Engineering.
  • NITK Suratkal.
  • Kathmandu Nepal (5 Institutes put together)
  • How to Live Happy Married Life for over 50 couples from age group 30-50.
  • KLE Law College, Bangalore.
  • KLE Hotel Management College.
  • KLE International School, Bangalore.
  • Sheshadripuram School, Bangalore.
  • St. Theresa Girls School, Bangalore.
  • St. Josephs Boys School, Bangalore.
  • ASM College, Bellary.
  • VVCE College, Mysore.
  • VVN College, Bangalore.
  • Sheshadripuram PU College, Yelahanka, Bangalore.
  • Huvina Hadagli College, Huvinahadagli Village.
  • & Many other talks.
*Training for 120 Teachers at St. Theresa School.
*Leadership Club Warmup Sessions KLE International School.
*Ho-LEAD-As - Summer Camp for School Kids.
*LEAD - 4+1 Board Room Sessions for Personal Empowerment, All Round LEAP in Career & Life.

We are glad to have undertaken these projects. We realise our ability in delivering quality sessions in Creative Thinking & Memory Techniques, Instilling Leadership & Character in High School Kids, Business Excellence Workshops, Self Empowerment Lessons & various other areas.

We look forward to inspiring more & more people around the globe and casting an impression that would leave them with Unlimited Inspiration. So, when they look back they can proudly exclaim "Inspiration Unlimited!".

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