Monday, 18 February 2013

Mr. Mohan BN thrills the crowd at Nitte!

Mr. Mohan BN, the lead speaker at IU and Managing head of IU Clubs, travels to Nitte to thrill a crowd of more than 300+ youth. He was joined by Mr. Rithesh Kamath, the founder of People - The Vision & it's co-founder Mr. Gautham Navada.

The event was hosted under IUCares banner of IU in collaboration with People - The Vision. The response of the crowd was noteworthy, the students have truly been triggered to make things happen in life and make a difference to their life at an early age. The students have kept continuous contact and promised to join hands with IU in future in it's projects.

For those who wish to join any of IU's Projects here are the domains:

1. IU Cares:
2. IU Newspaper Bag Project:
3. IU Youth 2 Children Project:
4. -

To connect to Mr. Mohan BN - Just connect to him on his Facebook Page Mohan BN Blogs or mail him at

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