Saturday, 9 March 2013

IU Conducts it's first ever formal Volunteer's meet!

On March 9th, 2013 IU conducted it's first ever Formal Volunteer's meet, informing them about various projects and how everybody could participate in each of them.

The meeting was conducted by the Founder & Director himself and all the associated volunteers were invited who have this far done a fair job, by participating in the various projects of IU. The Volunteers were made aware about various divisions of IU - IU eMagazine, Pluwis (Website Solutions), Simus (Social Media Solutions) and IU Training Division.

The projects: IU Newspaper Bag Project, IU Youth 2 Children Project and 36meals were discussed in Detail. People were given options to select for themselves their choice of roles.

Overall, the meeting was very effective with more than 60 Volunteers taking part. The highlight were the team of Vijaya college, who have consistently been performing for 36meals. The other highlight was a lady who was the sister of an active volunteer Soundarya, who made 100+ newspaper Bags at home being a home-maker, sparking off a trigger for the rest of the house-wives to be a able to do something as creative as this, in their free time.

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