Wednesday, 30 October 2013

IU eMagazine is expected to take a completely new outlook and design

The most loved eMagazine of all IU Readers, is now expected to take a completely new out look. Following the age old adage - Change is the only constant the emagazine is striving hard to make a niche for itself by adapting to the readers' requirements.

The emagazine at presents stands as a monthly emagazine with all it's articles individually listed. The individual listing of articles gives a unique space to advertisers as the articles archive in history permanently giving a permanent onilne advertisement to the brand. As long as the article is being reached by people and readers the brand would take benefit of the advertisements. The eMagazine hosts a montly competition at the onset of every month called the ICON of the MONTH which gives a chance to WIN a terrific global title allowing one to take away popularity on an international stage for ONE FULL MONTH.

The eMagazine has always been sought after for it's Inspirational Quotient. We now wish to categorize our content to take readability of the emagazine to the next level and make it more reader friendly for the reader to reach the type of content he desires based on the interests that he wishes to follow.

The eMagazine is expected to introduce 8 sections including an Experts' Corner - which will bring experts from various fields to allow people to converse directly with them. This will truly help a lot of people in solving their issues directly from the people who have the solutions ready because of their terrific experience.

Everyone is absolutely excited to check out the new design. We hope to get your feedback and suggestions too. Make most of our inspirational archive and other absolutely enticing opportunities to showcase your work and grow your business your out-reach.

Thank you
IU Blogging Team

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