Wednesday, 30 October 2013

IU1010 Season 3 & Season 4 run parallely

IU1010 started as a platform to empower the youth. A vision that takes in just 10 people who are asked nothing more than drive and commitment for getting selected. This platform has turned out to be the most life changing platform for the candidates. The concept of the program has been designed to deliver to personality development needs that normal platforms cannot meet.

IU1010 has been much loved and sought after by the youth of Bangalore today and the tasks involved reflect the depth and leadership abilities of IU Mentors. This platform has not only empowered the youth who become a part of it, but has also impacted thousands of lives across the city because the taks involve social objectives.

Developing the abilities to speak, blog, write, work in a team, lead, inspire, innovate projects, implement ideas, work with big organizations are some of the things that the candidates of IU1010 take away. Rewards are exciting each time and they are well designed to further the motto of the whole program.

Currently as of today Season 3 and Season 4 are simultaneously ON and recruitment for Season 5 has begun. If you are keen on applying or know someone who is fit follow the link: to apply.

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