Wednesday, 13 November 2013

IU1010 Season 3 Completes with a brilliant felicitation at Swaad

The terrific Women empowerment season came to a close with a brilliant felicitation session which was joined by the parents of majority of the Superstars.

Bharath sir hosted the show while all IU Mentors were present at tge Occasion including Mohan sir, Surendra sir, Kunal sir, Sireesha Mam, and Sujit Lalwani sir.

The testimonials of each of them were heart touching. Each one of them were proud of the terrific changes. Shilpa Vijaykumar won the Super Star of the Season award; while Akshatha was the runner up with Swathi winning a unique title of "highest transformation" award.

Parents shared their words with Kavana'a father sharing about these women must become testimonials for seasons to come by continuing the good work. Aashitha - the super star from pervious season, shared her progress post the season.

Along all this good news for all followers is that IU1010.COM is soon to be launched.

We are eager to see how their lives unfold post the Season. All the best Season 3.

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