Saturday, 9 March 2013

IU's eMagazine - IUeMagazine does wonders! Hits 95+ Countries in Readership.

The emagazine of IU - has recorded visits from 95+ countries from the analytics data available on the Google analytics. The analytics team has also informed that the magazine has got consistent visitors from more than 15 countries.

This has been a moment of joy for the team IU and IUeMag team as this will open doors for more ads and better opportunities for advertisers for space on site.

Besides being a great moment for the company and the team, it's also a Moment of unprecedented joy for all the authors, as IUeMagazine has always been liberal to share the credentials of the authors and help them with a platform to showcase their profiles to the world and their readers.

The technical team has been consistently been upgrading the site, and adding new features, making the site more and more user friendly and easily accesible. They have also worked hard to ensure that advertiser's interests have been catered to and kept notice of.

IU Blogging Team

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